Hello, I am Ken-KA2LIM. I obtained my amateur license in early 1980 and was hooked on VHF immediately, spending most of my time on 2M and 6M SSB and CW. I did my share of operating on HF also and obtained most of the awards that are offered. Then along came Grid Squares in 1983 so I went after the 6M VUCC and obtained # 97. I operated in the VHF sprints and casually in the VHF contests as my work did not allow me much time to operate. I went totally off the air in 1992, selling equipment, towers and antenna's. Fast forward to 2001; I stopped to see Rob - KB2YCC, one day and he had a 6M rig running and the band was open to Europe. I made a contact and was hooked again and off and running.
Out came the equipment from storage that didn't sell and I was busy getting back on the air.

I talked Rob into the June VHF contest in 2002 and we haven't stopped since.
We have activated several rare grid squares, done some roving and hill-toping, having a blast in all these endeavors. Along the way we brought Dave-N2LID and Gregg-NX2W on board. We then did a contest using a club call and on board came Larry-WA3CSP and Al-W9KXI.
The group then said lets contest using your call as most everyone knows you. About this time I had a school bus given to me and I spent the winter converting it into our mobile shack. Dave dubbed it "The Grid Square Limo" and it made its maiden trip to FN22 for the June 2007 VHF contest at which time LU-N2SLN joined the group. Another great adventure that produced many stories to be told around the camp fire with a mug of beer.

I have built nine tower-trailers and added a tower to the limo. I built all the beams that we use as that is my passion, building antenna's. For the June 2009 contest I built and added LVA's (Large Vertical Array's) to 2M, 222 and 432 and they worked out great so am adding a LVA array to the 6M setup that will be operational in 2013.  Tom - KV2X joined us for the June 2009 adventure and Alex -N3NP came on board in 2010. We always have great food at these get-togethers and always some great home-brew, and we always have fun. This is a great group of guys and I am honored to have them as friends.
Always remember rule #1: When you stop having fun, it's time to stop contesting.



Hello, I am KB2YCC aka Rob Palmer. I have been contesting with the KA2LIM group...well...before there ever was a group. Ken and I started contesting in 2002 from a hilltop in Hornby, NY with just 2 "armstrong" (thats manual for you FNG's) rotors mounted on the side of my car trailer and just running 2 bands (6 & 2 meters) all the time using our own calls. I had never been in a 2 meter pile-up until that Saturday night. I worked over 100 stations in 1 hours time, most to the west from FN12 well over 300 miles away.

It has been quite the ride since then with Ken and all of the group that has joined us in our adventures. We have made trips to Canada (EN95) and to Virgina Beach (FM26) and MT Utsayantha in NY (FN22). We have made many friends along the way and aquired some great team members as well.

I am very proud to be a part of this team and remember, "Relax, it's only a contest". When it stops being fun, it's time to figure out what went wrong.....

My other radio interest is satellite. I have received the Sexagesimal award  #144 for working 60+ US states, Canadian provinces and countries via satellite. I am still working toward the Century award for satellite.




Hello, This is N2LID Dave Colvin and yes it's my call sign and yes it's a vanity. I will not go into details as it's a long story.

I first joined KA2LIM in Jan 2004 when we used a club call sign and after that weekend I was hooked on VHF/UHF contesting. When Ken and Rob went to Canada (EN95) and  Virginia Beach (FM26) I would try to work them from FN12.

Then I was asked to go to Mt Utsayantha (FN22) and jumped on board and had a great time both trips. I have been part of the team ever since. I was able to be a rover in Sept 2008 and went to Ceres, NY (FN02) Coudersport, PA (FN01) Corning, NY (FN12) and Sunday from Millerton, PA (FN11) with the help of team KA2LIM for the rover setup.

I've had a blast at all the thing's I've experience since joining team KA2LIM and I also wear the chef's hat at the limo kitchen. There's lots of story's to be told and new one's to be made about good food and just plain having fun, that's all is required for a great contest season.




Licensed since 1960, I’ve only had limited activity on the VHF  bands over the last 30 years – until a few years ago my VHF activity was exclusively 2 meter SSB.  My station now includes 432 MHz, 222 MHz and 6 meters although 2 is still my VHF band of choice. 

The KA2LIM contest activity has been a great opportunity for me – to experience TONS of activity (at one time) on 6 Meters, 2 Meters, 222 MHz and 432 MHz.  This is an unusual experience for me as my QTH is located in a valley in (Central) upstate New York where there is always poor propagation. The next time you look at Hepburn’s Tropospheric Forecast, note the forecast/projection for Central New YorkState, you’ll see what I mean. 

Thanks for looking at www.ka2lim.com and look for us on the contests. 





First licensed in the early 60’s as WN3CSP. Because of the distance from home to the FCC testing sites I was granted WA3CSP as a conditional Technician. I was hooked on 6 meters and held the Tech for nearly 30 years. I purchased an Ameco TX 62 75 watt AM / CW rig which I modified for FM as well. I ran a converted SB 200 Heath Kit for near legal limit on 6 meters. I joined the Navy in October '65 and did Boot Camp and Electronics Tech training at Greatlake, ILL. Built a lunchbox in the barracks and stood Watched at the Ham radio station. Worked loads of VHF from building #1 handle MARS and NTS traffic. Summer of '67 found me in Vellejo, California at a crypto communications repair school. In the Fall of '67, I reported to the USS KITTY HAWK did two WestPacs and spent nearly two years in country in NAM. (no personal radio allowed).

 Stationed in Washington State, I had regular nets on 6 and 2  meter AM, plus many band openings on six meters while stationed in San Diego on instructor duty. Very active in contests and field day as well as other club events. Weekly nets on 6 and 2 with loads of openings. Regularly operated VHF contests from Mt Polamar. Rigged our antennas on the exterior catwalk on the secondary observatory. Returned to Pennsylvania in the 70’s and bought a Swan 250C and a MK VI full legal amp. Up went a 40ft tower and Cushcraft 6 element 6mtr on 20’ boom. I lived on 6 meters and did very well in all openings and contests. I cultivated a remote hill top with 200ft tower electricity and a 4 element beam on top. Elevation was 2480ft with a HAAT of 750+ with nothing higher for miles. From the home QTH I worked all 50 states, Utah being the last. Back to California in the 80’s and stationed at Long Beach while being active on MARS and VHF. In 1987, I returned to my QTH in Pennsylvania (FN11mw). I taught electronics for New York state and had a Classroom station and Advanced license. Active in VHF contests and the School Club Roundups with the club call KC2AXX.

 I am currently retired… station on six 24/7 365. XYL of 40+ years is WB3GQC, Tech Plus for 30 years. We monitor while mobile as well on 6 and 2 meters SSB. I am currently operating contests with the KA2LIM crew and enjoy it very much. My home station has all mode capable through 432 MHz. Main rig is IC 746, also have FT100D in wife's car and FT 857 in my pickup. Camper has a 6 mtr square loop mounted in place of the TV antenna. Home Antennas; 50ft tower, 6M7JHV homebrew 11 element 2mtr and homebrew 28 element on 70cm. I like to build and experiment with antennas, I also enjoy designing and building my own equipment. I operate QRP on HF for the most part. 73 Larry




My original interest in ham radio was emergency communication and satellite's. Started contesting with this group in 2003 and have never left. I really enjoy the camaraderie with these guys and am always learning something new. Currently getting my home station ready to go on the air, shortly after the first of the year (2012). Will be on HF (40 thru 10 meters) and 6M and 2M SSB. Looking to work you in the contests.  Gregg - NX2W



Greetings, I'm Lu Schaefer, N2SLN. I am a part time rover who has achieved first place and I am also a part time operator for the national top-ten KA2LIM (now K2LIM) limited multioperator group. I met Ken KA2LIM on an Internet electronic mailing list for VHF contesters. My first participation with KA2LIM limited multiop was June 2007 during the maiden voyage of the dedicated contest vehicle "The Gridsquare Limo." Since then, I have made it a tradition to join the June effort each year.




Hello, this is Walt, N2IK. I was first licensed at age 14 in 1964 in W1-land as a Novice. I built my first CW transmitter from scrounged and donated parts. The XMTR rose from the ashes of a 1950 TV set and an old aluminum screen door. The only power tool involved was a soldering iron. I used an old RME-45 receiver and a dipole about 20 feet off the ground and a vertical made of a TV mast with a glass coke bottle as the base insulator. I had two 80M and one 40M xtals. I didn’t own an SWR meter, only a loop with a dial lamp on the end of a stick. I Called a lot of CQ’s and made a few contacts in my one year as a ham. My best time was Field Day with the Framingham Amateur Radio Club guys and my “Elmer”, Julie Hoffer W1DL(SK). In those days it was one year and upgrade or else. Girls and life got in the way and I left ham radio until 2000. My log and QSL cards are long gone.

I was re-licensed in April 2000 as KC2GFS. In June 2000 I went to the Rochester Hamfest to buy my first HT and some antennas to get on the air at the shack at home in Syracuse, NY. I kept looking at one of the guys behind a table inside the Dome full of ham supplies and parts that looked somehow familiar. I struck up a conversation and sure enough it was Julie, W1DL, my old Elmer, whom I had not seen since 1965. After that reunion I made it a point to keep in touch with him every year until he became a silent key. He was one of those special people you meet in ham radio. Honor your Elmers by helping someone whenever you can.

Ham radio and my interest in electronics channeled my career to Electrical Engineering and later to Biomedical Engineering. I have spent the last 35 years as a Clinical Engineer in hospitals taking care of technology that assists with taking care of patients.

My ham radio interests are HF DX from my very-modest station, Emergency Communications, public service work and VHF/UHF weak signal work. I just finished my second term as President of the Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club. Since I have a terrible VHF location at home, I sought out the KA2LIM Contest Group and volunteered to operate at the Grid Square Limo. They have graciously put up with my terrible CW and mediocre contesting skills and allowed me to participate and learn the finer points of life in the rarified air of weak signal work, and to share in their fun.

I hope to work you from the Grid Square Limo.

73 de Walt N2IK